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"A Certain Lame Man (Acts Part 16)"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 3:1-12Sunday,
May 19, 2024

"A Mothers Plea (Acts Part 15)"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:40-47Sunday,
May 12, 2024

"In The Name of Jesus (Acts Part 14)"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:38-47Sunday,
May 5, 2024

"Be Saved (Acts Part 13)"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:36-47Sunday,
April 28, 2024

Cut To The Heart (Acts Part 12)

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:25-39Sunday,
April 21, 2024

"Satan is a Liar"

"You are Blood Bought"Bill Jetton, Guest SpeakerJohn 8:44Sunday,
April 14, 2024

Does Your Heart Rejoice (Acts Part 11)

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:22-28Sunday,
April 7, 2024

"Resurrection Changes Everything (Acts Part 10)"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:22-24Sunday,
March 31, 2024

Peter's Sermon Part 3(Acts Part 9)

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:22-24Sunday,
March 24, 2024

"Peters Sermon Part 2 (Acts part 8)"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:22-24Sunday,
March 17, 2024

"Peter’s Sermon Part 1(Acts Part 7)"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:12-39Sunday,
March 10, 2024

"The Day of Pentecost (Acts Part 6)"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 2:1-12Sunday,
March 3, 2024

"Chosen (Acts part 5)"

Study of Acts"Chosen (Acts part 5)"Acts 1:15-26Sunday,
February 25, 2024

"Prayer & Supplication" (Acts part 4)

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 1:9-14Sunday,
February 18, 2024

"Wait for the Promise"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 1:4-8Sunday,
February 11, 2024

"Many Infallible Proofs"

"Acts Part 2"Pastor Courts JettonActs 1:1-3Sunday,
February 4, 2024

"Introduction to Acts"

Study of ActsPastor Courts JettonActs 1:1-5Sunday,
January 28, 2024

"Sanctity of Life"

"There Work to be Done"Pastor Courts JettonDeuteronomy 30:15-20Sunday,
January 21, 2024

"Forgiveness is Freedom"

"Weight Lifted"Pastor Courts JettonGalatians 5:1Sunday,
January 14, 2024

"Biblical Forgiveness (pt 2)"

"His Mercy is More"Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 18:21-35Sunday,
January 7, 2024

"Biblical Forgiveness"

"Forgiveness From God"Pastor Courts JettonColossians 3:12-17Sunday,
December 31, 2023

"The Consolation of Israel"

"Looking in the Wrong Places"Pastor Courts JettonLuke 2:25-35Sunday,
December 24, 2023

"Who is He Who has been Born King of the Jews"

"Wise Men"Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 2:1-18Sunday,
December 17, 2023

"Christmas & John 1:14"

"In the Beginning"Pastor Courts JettonJohn 1:1-14Sunday,
December 10, 2023

"Lottie Moon & International Missions"

"One-way Missionaries"Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 28:18-20Sunday,
December 3, 2023

"Worship & Thankfulness"

"No Joy; No Hope"Pastor Courts Jetton1 Timothy 6:6-10Sunday,
November 26, 2023

"Worship Him in Spirit and in Faith"

"What Do You Worship?"Pastor Courts JettonJohn 4:21-24Sunday,
November 19, 2023

"Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace"

"Time--Your Most Valueable Resource"Pastor Courts JettonHebrews 4:14-16Sunday,
November 12, 2023

"He Prayed"

"Quiet & Still"Pastor Courts JettonLuke 5:16Sunday,
November 5, 2023

"The Warning in the Lord's Supper"

"Spotless Lamb of God"Pastor Courts Jetton1 Corinthians 11:23-32Sunday,
October 29, 2023

"The Sabbath & The Lord's Day"

"Religon or Christianity"Pastor Courts JettonIsaiah 58:13-14Sunday,
October 22, 2023

"Christ, The Head, Husband, & Foundation"

"The Cornerstone"Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:15-18Sunday,
October 15, 2023

"Church & Preaching of the Word of God"

"Find Your Greatest Joy"Pastor Courts Jetton2 Timothy 4:1-5Sunday,
October 8, 2023

See Jesus

Do You Want to get Well?Spencer HutsonJohn 5:1-6Sunday,
October 1, 2023

"Baptism, A New Covenant"

Salvation by Baptism--NoPastor Courts JettonMatthew 3:1-17Sunday,
September 24, 2023

"Life Suport or The Glory of God"

"Why Were We Created?"Pastor Courts JettonActs 2:40-47Sunday,
September 17, 2023

"Repentence is God's Grace"

"Transformtion of Nature"Pastor Courts Jetton2 Corinthians 7:8-11Sunday,
September 10, 2023

"But This Man"

The Law is a MirrorPastor Courts JettonHebrews 10:1-18Sunday,
September 3, 2023

"God's Righteous Judgement"

Every Judgement of God is Perfect!Pastor Courts JettonRomans 2:1-11Sunday,
August 27, 2023

"Just and the Justifier"

"God Will Punish Every Sin"Pastor Courts JettonRomans 3:21-26Sunday,
August 20, 2023

"Sin & The Good News"

We Have SinnedPastor Courts JettonRomans 3:9-26Sunday,
August 13, 2023

Sin's Condemnation

You ChoosePastor Courts JettonJohn 3:18-21Sunday,
August 6, 2023

Guest Speaker

July 30, 2023 Morning ServiceBill JettonFriday,
August 4, 2023

"Sin & Suffering in the World"

Where Does Sin Come From?Pastor Courts JettonRomans 5:12Sunday,
July 23, 2023

"The Last of the Ten Commandments"

God Alone!Pastor Courts JettonExodus 20:17Sunday,
July 16, 2023

"Who's Your Daddy?"

We are Broken!Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 6:24Sunday,
July 9, 2023

"Who Will Give Us Meat"

"Willing Slaves"Pastor Courts JettonNumbers 11:4-6Sunday,
July 2, 2023

"Blaspheming the Holy Spirit"

"They Set Their Course"Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 12:31-32Sunday,
June 25, 2023

"Fathers be Diligent"

Our Children are BrokenPastor Courts JettonDeuteronomy 6:1-9Sunday,
June 18, 2023

"Lukewarm Love for the Lord"

Do You Speak of Him?Pastor Courts JettonRevelation 3:14-22Sunday,
June 11, 2023

"Conviction & The Holy Spirit"

He Exposes EvilPastor Courts JettonJohn 16:5-11Sunday,
May 28, 2023

"Filled with the Holy Spirit"

Death Grip on the RockPastor Courts JettonEphesian 5:15-21Sunday,
May 21, 2023

"Mother's Hope in Christ"

Mother's Day!Pastor Courts JettonRomans 3:9-18Sunday,
May 14, 2023

"Walk in the Spirit"

What Fruit are You Producing?Pastor Courts JettonGalatians 5:16-26Sunday,
May 7, 2023

Spring Tea 2023

Spring Tea 2023Sara ForhetzMark 5Saturday,
May 6, 2023

"The Holy Spirit"

Doctrine of the Holy SpiritPastor Courts JettonRomans 8:14Sunday,
April 30, 2023

"Sin is no Laughing Matter"

The Blood of ChristPat JeffersHebrews 9:11-15Sunday,
April 23, 2023

"I Must Go"

"Is the Holy Spirit Real?"Pastor Courts JettonJohn 16:5-15Sunday,
April 16, 2023

"Jesus Asks, Do You Love Me"

"Who are You?"Pastor Courts JettonJohn 21:15-19Sunday,
April 9, 2023

"The Garden Prayer"

"My Betrayer is at Hand"Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 26:36-46Sunday,
April 2, 2023

"Teacher, Do for Us Whatever We Ask"

"Sons of Thunder"Pastor Courts JettonMark 10:32-41Sunday,
March 26, 2023

"Enemies of the Cross of Christ"

"Do You Have the Mind of Christ"Pastor Courts JettonPhilippians 3:12-21Sunday,
March 19, 2023

"It is Christlikeness"

"Do You Press On?"Pastor Courts JettonPhilippians 3:7-16Sunday,
March 12, 2023

"Suffer the Loss of All Things"

"Cheap Religion is Killing Us"Pastor Courts JettonPhilippians 3:1-11Sunday,
March 5, 2023

"Hunger & Thirst After Righteousness"

"You Must Die to Truely Live"Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 5:1-16Sunday,
February 26, 2023

"If You Love Me, Keep My Commandments"

All Things Have Become NewPastor Courts JettonJohn 14:15-24Sunday,
February 19, 2023

"What is Love, Who is Love"

Who's in Control of Your Life?Pastor Courts Jetton1 John 4:7-11Sunday,
February 12, 2023

"Children, A Heritage From the Lord"

Children are not a Curse!Pastor Courts JettonPsalm 127:1-5Sunday,
February 5, 2023

Children, A Blessing or a Curse

Women are Super Heroes!Pastor Courts JettonGenesis 3:16Sunday,
January 29, 2023

"Sanctity of Human Life"

Who's in Control of Your Life?Pastor Courts JettonPsalms 127:3-5Sunday,
January 22, 2023

"Oh Lord, Burden Us Today"

Do You Have a Burden?William Jetton, Guest SpeakerGenesis 6:11-13Sunday,
January 15, 2023

"The Prophetic Word Confirmed"

"God's Word Never Changes"Pastor Courts Jetton2 Peter 1:19-21Sunday,
January 8, 2023

"Losing the Book of The Law"

What Have You Forgotten?Pastor Courts Jetton2 Kings 22:1-13Sunday,
January 1, 2023

"Consolation of Israel"

What Are You Looking For?Pastor Courts JettonLuke 2:25-35Sunday,
December 25, 2022

"400 Years of Silence"

Are You Listening?Pastor Courts JettonLuke 1:5-25Sunday,
December 18, 2022

"Good & Bad Soil"

Faith is From ChristPastor Courts JettonMatthew 13:1-23Sunday,
December 11, 2022

Prayer is Essential

Prayer Will Not Change God's MindPastor Courts JettonRomans 10:1Sunday,
December 4, 2022

"Who's Your One?"

God is in ControlPastor Courts JettonLuke 5:16-26Sunday,
November 20, 2022

"Stay Focused"

What Battle are You Fighting?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 3:22-25Sunday,
November 13, 2022

"A Good Father"

Christ is the Best Example!Pastor Courts JettonColossians 3:21Sunday,
November 6, 2022

"Children Obey Your Parents"

Is Satan Destroying the Family?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 3:20Sunday,
October 30, 2022

"Wives Submit, Husband Love"

God Designs with a PurposePastor Courts JettonColossians 3:18-19Sunday,
October 23, 2022

"Put on the New Man"

Do You Forgive?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 3:12-17Sunday,
October 16, 2022

"Put Off the Old Man"

Lay Aside Every WeightPastor Courts JettonColossians 3:8-11Sunday,
October 9, 2022

"Killing Your Sinful Flesh"

Jesus Plus Anything Equals NothingPastor Courts JettonColossians 3:1-7Sunday,
October 2, 2022

"A Caged Animal"

No Spiritual Growth Apart From ChristPastor Courts JettonColossians 2:18-23Sunday,
September 25, 2022

"Shadows or Substance, Which do You Choose?"

How do You Study the Scripture?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 2:16-23Sunday,
September 18, 2022

A Circumcision Made Without Hands

In Whom Do You Trust?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 2:11-15Sunday,
September 11, 2022

Be a Doer

"Keep Oneself Unspotted From The World"Pastor Courts JettonJames 1:19-27Sunday,
September 4, 2022

Don't be Cheated

Beware Lest Anyone Cheat YouPastor Courts JettonColossians 2:1-10Sunday,
August 28, 2022

The Hope of Glory

Are You Willing to Suffer for Christ?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:24-29Sunday,
August 21, 2022

Presented Holy and Blameless

Are You an Emeny of God?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:21-23Sunday,
August 14, 2022

The Greatest in God's Kingdom

Whose the Greatest?Pastor Courts JettonMark 9:33-37Sunday,
August 7, 2022

Examine Yourself

Are You in the Faith?Pastor Courts Jetton1 Corinthians 11:27-29Sunday,
July 31, 2022

Peace With God

How Serious is Sin to God?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:19-23Sunday,
July 24, 2022

Christ is Head of His Church

Does Christ Have Authority Over You?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:18Sunday,
July 10, 2022

Freedom is Never Free

Our Freedom Comes From GodPastor Courts JettonHosea 4:1-10Sunday,
July 3, 2022

In Him All Things Consist

Un-met ExpectationsPastor Courts JettonColossians 1:17Sunday,
June 26, 2022

Fathers, Bring Them Up

Dads, Where are You?Pastor Courts JettonEphesians 6:1-4Sunday,
June 19, 2022

The Image of the Invisible God

Who is Christ to You?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:15-18Sunday,
June 12, 2022

Are You Qualified

What is Nessssary to Your Salvation?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:12-14Sunday,
June 5, 2022

Walk Worthy

Do You Walk Worthy of the Lord?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:9-14Sunday,
May 29, 2022

The Fruit of Faith

What Fruit Are You Bringing Forth?Pastor Courts JettonColossians 1:3-8Sunday,
May 22, 2022

Christians of Colosse

Colossians-Supremacy of ChristPastor Courts JettonColossians 1:11-8Sunday,
May 15, 2022

Christians of Colosse

Colossians-Supremacy of ChristPastor Courts JettonColossians 1:1-8Sunday,
May 15, 2022

The War on Women

What is Your Greatest Joy?Pastor Courts JettonGenesis 2:15-3:16Sunday,
May 8, 2022

Assault on the Family

The Family is the First Line of DefensePastor Courts JettonEphesians 4:11-16Sunday,
May 1, 2022

Peter, Before & After

Have You Been Broken?Pastor Courts JettonJohn 21:1-19Sunday,
April 24, 2022

Hosanna or Crucify

The Most Important Moment in History!Pastor Courts JettonHebrews 2:1-4Sunday,
April 17, 2022

The Cup

His Love Seen Through the CrossPastor Courts Jetton1 Peter 1:13-21Sunday,
April 10, 2022

The Love of God--The Wrath of God

How do you view the wrath of God?Pastor Courts JettonRomans 1:18-32Sunday,
April 3, 2022

Loved by God

God is LovePastor Courts JettonMalachi 1:1-2Sunday,
March 27, 2022

Dead or Alive

Do You Feel Hopeless?Pastor Courts JettonEphesians 2:1-10Sunday,
March 20, 2022


Are You Willing to do What it Takes to be Obedient?Pastor Courts Jetton1 Samuel 15:22-23Sunday,
March 13, 2022

Ordinary Means of Grace

Good Must Follow SalvationPastor Courts JettonActs 2:42Sunday,
March 6, 2022
10:45 AM

Called of God

Called of GodPastor Courts JettonRomans 8:28-30Sunday,
February 27, 2022

Guest Speaker: Brian Purkaple

Guest SpeakerBrian PurkapleColossian 1:1-29Sunday,
February 20, 2022

Guest Speaker: Brian Purkaple

Guest SpeakerBrian PurkapleColossian 1:1-29Sunday,
February 20, 2022


God's LovePastor Courts Jetton1 Corinthians 13:1-13Sunday,
February 13, 2022

Hated by the World, Loved by Father

Which type of Christian are You?Pastor Courts JettonJohn 15:18-21Sunday,
February 6, 2022

I Follow Jesus.. Yea, Which One?

He Did Not Come to Bring Heaven to EarthPastor Courts JettonJohn 3:13-20Sunday,
January 23, 2022

Hard Sayings of the Loving Savior

He Flipped Some TablesPastor Courts JettonColossians 1:19-23Sunday,
January 16, 2022

Good People in Trouble with a Bad God

There are No Good PeoplePastor Courts JettonRomans 5:6-11Sunday,
January 9, 2022

Do You Seek The Savior?

Wise Men Seek The SaviorPastor Courts JettonMatthew 2:1-18Sunday,
December 26, 2021

The Birth of the King

Why did He Come?Pastor Courts JettonPsalms 24:1-10Sunday,
December 19, 2021

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Are You Distracted by Your Christmas Traditions?Pastor Courts JettonGenesis 3:15Sunday,
December 12, 2021

The Light of Men

Pastor Courts JettonJohn 1:1-18Sunday,
December 5, 2021

Lottie Moon

History of Southern Baptist MissionsPastor Courts JettonMatthew 28:18-20Sunday,
November 28, 2021

Faithful Friends

Are You One of the Crowd?Pastor Courts JettonMark 2:1-12Sunday,
November 21, 2021

Strength and Weakness

God Uses Your Weaknesses as Well as Your StrengthsPastor Courts Jetton1 Corinthians 1:18-31Sunday,
November 14, 2021

Going is The Method

Has the Method Changed?Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 28:18-20Sunday,
November 7, 2021

His Bride Committed to the Task

His Bride Committed to the TaskPastor Courts JettonRomans 10:1-17Sunday,
October 31, 2021

Church on Sunday--Sabbath Day part 4

Sabbath DayPastor Courts JettonHebrews 10:22-25Sunday,
October 24, 2021

Sabbath Day part 3 -- The Sabbath: His Church

What is the Church?Pastor Courts JettonMatthew 16:18-19Sunday,
October 17, 2021

Sabbath Day part 2

Is the Sabbath a Burden or a Blessing?Pastor Courts JettonIsaiah 58:13-14Sunday,
October 10, 2021

Guest Speaker: Dr Kelly Malone

Death and AfterlifeDr Kelly MaloneJohn 14:6Sunday,
October 3, 2021

Sabbath Day

Keep the SabbathDr. Kelly MaloneGenesis 2:1-3Sunday,
September 26, 2021

Pride or Humility

Pride or HumilityPastor Courts Jetton1 Peter 5:5-11Sunday,
September 19, 2021


Main Street Baptist ChurchMonday,
September 13, 2021


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September 6, 2021


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