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When: Mon June 15 8:00 AM - Sun June 21 2:00 PM

A Lesson From Indian Christians

What stands out most in my mind when I think of India are the people, young and old, rich and poor.  India itself is wonderful and terrible.  It is beautiful and ugly, a joy and a nightmare.  It’s the people that really make India. The most outstanding lesson I take away from the Christians is their lack of expectations.  Alan and I talked about it often.  How can they live as they do?  Illness.  Poverty.  Persecution.  No hope of any change while on earth.   Yet somehow, in India they don’t expect life to be any different than it is.  They don’t assume God will give it all to them.  They don’t think they are exempt from these difficulties which we would see as impossible.  They don’t see these limit as the exception, but as the norm in life.  It’s all they know and its all most of the people … Continue reading

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