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(This blog was written by Alan Carlton)   In the U.S., we have a near-phobia about dirt.  Soap and cleaning supplies are huge sellers everywhere.  Grocery stores, drug stores, specialty shops, Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart all have shelves full of an amazing array of such products.  At Sam’s and Costco they are available in industrial size and strength. In India as well, the quest for clean in never ending . . . yet dirt remains . . .  everywhere.  Women here may often be seen along the highways and byways sweeping the dirt clean with a sheaf of tiny bound sticks.  They diligently sweep the streets and their property in this way . . . yet when they are finished, the dirt is still there . . . only pushed around and rearranged, with much on their neighbor’s property and less on their own. The broom of choice, especially with … Continue reading

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